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Medical assistance

Medical Assistance abroad

We are able to provide the following organization of services:

  • Doctor's visit;
  • A large number of contacts with local hospitals, clinics, individual and group practices and physicians;
  • Repatriation of the insured person;
  • Transfer of the insured person to a hospital, if necessary, transfer from the nearest hospital to another specialized and transfer to the home as well;
  • Accompany the insured person by nurs or doctors on way back to his country;
  • Advance payment of medical expenses;
  • First aid by a doctor on the phone;


  • Before starting the journey get to know the specifics of the country where you go;
  • Consult your doctor if necessary vaccinations or other preventive measures;
  • In case of  event abroad, immediately contact the Assistance Company or the insurance company;
  • If you have to pay for treatment carried out, be sure to get a medical report stated your diagnosis, treatment, and keep all payment records;
  • If you need to use medical care without being able to tell your insurance company, be sure to do so as soon as possible;
  • Period in which your Insurer is obliged to take a decision regarding the settlement of the claim is 15 days from the date on which all necessary documents were submitted.

Coris can
help you, if:

  • You are to travel abroad
  • You want safety and comfort
  • You need assistance