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Road assistance

 Due to the extensive partners  at home and abroad (automotive repair shop and special roadside companies), "CORIS Bulgaria" Ltd. is able to provide full maintenance of the insured vehicle, namely:

  •  Repair of vehicles on site;

  •  Repatriation of the car to the nearest qualified repair shop;

  •  Providing a rental car during the repairs;

  •  Passenger accommodation in hotel;

  •  Purchase of spare parts;

  •  Surveys and evaluation of damages;


  •  In case of traffic accident contact the Asisstance company or the Insurer and check the conditions of your insurance policy.

  •  In case of traffic accident, malicious act or natural disaster, contact the Police or the relevant authority in the country where you are and get a document certifying the event occurred.

  •  Use only the Road side service sent by your Assistance company.

Coris can
help you, if:

  • You are to travel abroad
  • You want safety and comfort
  • You need assistance